Einzigartige Lösung für Wasserstoff Speicherung: Patentierter Kugeltank

Hydrogen tank system

Patented spherical tank made of carbon fiber composite for pressure storage of hydrogen up to 700 bar. Can be configured individually or as a multi-tank system. Can be used for mobile and stationary applications.

Mit Wasserstoff im Tank fliegen Elektroflugzeuge deutlich weiter

Hydrogen system solutions

Complete solutions for off-grid energy supply, the decentralized generation of green hydrogen and electro-hydrogen drive systems for aircraft, rail and road vehicles and boats.

Individuelle Beratung und Systementwicklung für Wasserstoff-Elektro-Lösungen

Planning and advice

The PS-HyTech consulting team takes on the individual planning of hydrogen and fuel cell systems, including product selection, integration, certification and aftersales support. This for all areas of application.

PS- HySphere

High-pressure tank system for the storage and transport of hydrogen with a UNREACHED LOW weight / volume ratio

Hydrogen storage in ultra-light spherical tanks without complex cooling as with liquid hydrogen: The patented PS-HySphere spherical tank is available in different sizes and for different pressure levels (350 or 700 bar).

PS-HySphere enables 1 – 240 kg of hydrogen to be stored in a corrosion-free container made of CFRP. The dead weight is less than half of the cylindrical tanks available on the market. In the best case, the tank: hydrogen ratio is 5: 1 instead of 15: 1. This leads to significantly higher storage capacity and 50% lower acquisition costs. This goal was achieved through extensive research, a special selection of materials, a unique winding algorithm for the carbon fiber and the optimized integration of valve and inliner. The development of the tank is supported by TÜV and other project partners such as Fraunhofer.

PS- HyVault

System solutions for highly efficient energy storage in wind, photovoltaic and hydropower PLANTS

PS-HyVault ensures the off-grid hydrogen supply.

Our vision: Everyone should be able to benefit from the coming hydrogen boom and receive fair compensation for investments in sustainable energy generation with wind, water and solar power.

At PS-HyTech, we meet this requirement with a system that combines a compact, very powerful electrolyser with lightweight tanks that can be combined several times. The system can be transported in standard containers or our innovative lightweight trailers by road, rail, ship and in the air. It is equipped with the latest real-time monitoring and control technology and can also be operated in the most remote regions. PS-HyVault can be used in operating concepts that make it easy for logistics and crowd energy companies in particular to develop new markets in the long term, but also to serve existing markets.

PS- HyMotion

Electric / hydrogen propulsion systems for small aircraft, boats, RVs and special vehicles

More and more electric motors will ensure our movement in the future. Fewer components, less complexity, high torques and smaller designs increase flexibility in the design of cars, ultra-light and small aircraft, boats, construction machinery and special vehicles.

Energy storage is crucial for reliable mobility and the sustainability of electric drives. PS-HyTech develops drive trains with hydrogen technology and advises manufacturers on system integration. When selecting our components, we ensure that energy efficiency, security and modular updates are ensured with the least possible maintenance over the life cycle of products.

PS- HyBase

Stationary and mobile energy supply systems BASED ON HYDROGEN for airports, residential buildings, small businesses, farms, mountain huts and medical facilities

There are two application scenarios for PS-HyBase:

PS-HyBase is available as a mobile supply system wherever consumers such as airplanes, cars or construction machinery want to fill up with hydrogen or need to be charged.

Wherever there are no conventional supply networks and infrastructure has to be relocated at great expense – for example at mountain huts or farms – PS-HyBase is a good basis for a reliable supply of electricity and heat. PS-HyBase can also be configured as a backup for the emergency power supply.

PS-HyBase stores hydrogen and is transported with conventional truck trailers, by train or cargo helicopter. The system is ready for use within a few hours.


Planning, consulting and system integration

With many years of industrial experience, the engineers and consultants at PS-HyTech reliably support innovative process development, prototype construction, development, manufacture and marketing of products in the field of hydrogen technologies (e.g. electrolysis, fuel cells, compressors, storage systems, etc.). Our team is also available for integration into mobile and stationary applications.

We are happy to help!

If you would like detailed information on our solutions and products or advice on the subject of hydrogen or fuel cells, please do not hesitate to contact us.