Solar and hydrogen combination: On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, Peter Stadthalter, Managing Director of PS-HyTech GmbH and the Managing Directors of the Anumar Group, Andreas Klier and Markus Brosch, signed the founding papers of Anumar-Hydrogen GmbH.

Hydrogen is an essential pillar of the energy transition and has the advantage that it can be stored and transported. This makes the energy source a useful addition to large solar power plants. In order to use this potential technically and economically, the two companies have agreed to work closely together.

“With Peter Stadthalter, we have the necessary technical expertise on board and can support green electricity generation in the interests of the energy transition in the future,” says Andreas Klier about the cooperation.

Specifically, a first test system is to be built at the largest solar power plant in Bavaria, the Schornhof solar park, which Anumar operates itself. In addition to the existing infrastructure, the location between Munich, Augsburg and Ingolstadt and the associated proximity to the automotive industry are also of great importance.

“Hydrogen only makes sense if it is generated from solar or wind power. Anumar has a large and nationwide portfolio of solar parks, so that a nationwide hydrogen supply is possible, ”says Peter Stadthalter, convinced of the cooperation.

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About the Anumar GmbH

Anumar plans, builds and operates solar power plants in Germany and Chile. Since our foundation in 2010, we have been gradually expanding our own portfolio of photovoltaic systems. Out of conviction in the technology and our projects, we invest in our projects and operate them for the long term. Our portfolio now includes a total output of over 300 MW; including the largest solar power plant in Bavaria (Schornhof solar park). Our other core competencies also include the supply of electricity to energy suppliers and companies (Power Purchase Agreements; PPAs) as well as the acquisition of project rights and existing systems.

over PS-HyTech GmbH

Peter Stadthalter has been working on the subject of hydrogen for more than 10 years. At the end of 2016, he made hydrogen the center of his work and founded PS-HyTech GmbH. The company now has six engineers developing components and systems for generating, storing and converting hydrogen into electricity. In addition to drive systems for road, rail, watercraft and aircraft, storage systems are the most important building block in the overall concept.