Quiet and reliable: electric motors in small aircraft get their energy from hydrogen fuel cells

Current information on the status of our hydrogen development

We are currently developing two hydrogen systems that are closely linked:

Stationary energy supply system for residential buildings and small businesses

The following parameters are met:

  • Photovoltaic => Solar power
  • Electrolyzer => Hydrogen production
  • Compressor + accumulator => Energy storage
  • Hydrogen refueling system
  • Fuel cell => Electricity and heat supply

Electric drive for small aircraft with the goal: 1,000 km range at 200 km / h

Hydrogen refueling from the stationary energy supply at the hangar, consisting of:

  • Hydrogen storage
  • Fuel cell incl. Air supply, cooling, measurement and control technology
  • Electric motor incl. Controller and controllable pitch propeller

Here you will find more about the technologies that we use at PS-HyTech If you would like to know details about the status of our hydrogen product development, about system solutions, performance values and possible delivery dates, Contact us .