PS-HyTech and Anumar found Anumar-Hydrogen GmbH

PS HyTech establishes a joint venture with Anumar

Solar and hydrogen combination: On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, Peter Stadthalter, Managing Director of PS-HyTech GmbH and the Managing Directors of the Anumar Group, Andreas Klier and Markus Brosch, signed the founding papers of Anumar-Hydrogen GmbH.

PS-HyTech participates in the founding of HYFLY

HYFLY is a cooperation that makes environmentally friendly flying "Made in Germany"

The Bavarian hydrogen specialist PS-HyTech is involved in the founding of the platform together with the aircraft designer and certifier Kasaero HYFLY . The platform serves to network with partners in the course of the electrification and conversion of ultralight and small aircraft from battery to hydrogen propulsion. You can find out more about the […]

Current information on the status of our hydrogen development

Quiet and reliable: electric motors in small aircraft get their energy from hydrogen fuel cells

We are currently developing two hydrogen systems that are closely linked: Stationary energy supply system for residential buildings and small businesses The following parameters are met: Photovoltaic => Solar power Electrolyzer => Hydrogen production Compressor + accumulator => Energy storage Hydrogen refueling system Fuel cell => Electricity and heat supply Electric drive for small aircraft […]